A Great Chlorine Bleach Alternative

Chlorine bleach has always scared me. Growing up, my parents had a pool and dad maintained it himself. He had pool chlorine stored in the garage in buckets. We had a bucket leak once and I accidently stepped in the leaky residue in my bare feet. I didn’t really notice it until about 15 minutes later when I started getting a burning rash on  the bottom of my feet. I thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water, but the damage was done, I had burned through a layer of the skin and got a bad blister. It was so painful that I couldn’t walk for days.

As a laundry doing adult with two kids, I have had to rely on chlorine bleach to biokleenclean stinky diapers, kids clothes with grass, dirt, mud, blood, and food stains. That was in the past. I now use oxygen bleach for all my stain removing and brightening duties. I have used the brand “OxiClean,” but lately I have been trying out “Bio Kleen” oxygen bleach with grape seed extract (GSE).

The instructions recommend adding a few tablespoons of  the powdered bleach to a regular laundry load with the normal detergent, but I have great results just adding a scoop in the  wash cycle. The clothes come out very clean without the “bleachy” smell of chlorine products. It seems to work best on organic type stains like grass, foods, and bodily fluids, and not so well at grease and oils. For those I have to soak or spot treat first for about 30 minutes. All in all , oxygen bleach a great chlorine bleach alternative for our family.