Get Cash for Outgrown Clothing

clothing donationsAs any mom knows, kids outgrown clothing can pile up quickly. With two girls sprouting up, I drawers and closets full of outgrown shoes, jackets, sweaters, pants, tops, and even backpacks. What is a  mom to do with all these pounds and pounds of clothing? I usually give some away to friends and family, the rest I usually give to a one of those clothing charities. Now there is a new way to pass those clothes on and earn a little cash in the process.  THRED UP is an online store that sells “Flawless used clothing” for women, girls, and boys.  To sell your clothes you sign up with an email address at their website  They will send you a “Cleanout Bag”. You fill it with near new condition women’s,  juniors, and kid’s clothing. You can use their Clothing Calculator to get an estimate of your payout.  You give the prepaid pre addressed bag to the USPS carrier or take it to FedEx for shipping. Shipping is free. THRED UP employees appraise your clothing  and then pay you up to 80% of the resale value. You can use that money to buy clothes from THREDUP or they will pay you via PayPal. Items they don’t use can be mailed back to you (for a fee) or forwarded to a charitable organization.

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