I Love Summer Skirts

I love finding pretty, fashionable, organic, and natural clothes.  Last year I began a gradual move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I got rid of my gas hog cute-organic_tulip_skirt-152x300Dodge Durango SUV and bought a Toyota Prius. I am saving a small fortune each month in gas. I now freely spend that  new found money on introducing new organic clothes to my wardrobe. Women’s organic clothes are quite pricey and there aren’t as many discounts or markdowns to be found in the stores or online. I am trying to buy items that can last more than just a season, which means high fashion cutting edge items are off the list. I have also found that the best place to shop for clothes made from sustainable materials is online. I search for things like “”  or “natural and fair trade clothes” and I can shop for hours. Doing those same searches on Pinterest also turns up some great collections of attractive and fashionable organics

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