Stretching Dollars – 5 Uses for Castile Soap

These are  5 uses for castile soap that save me a little money.

1) First, I buy my castile soap in bulk.  I buy 32OZ bottles in packs of 6. I also get CastileLiquidSoapthe 1280z size for refills and laundry uses. Ebay, Amazon, and my local warehouse stores are where I shop for the best deals. If I buy it online, I always choose free freight, no matter how long it takes to be delivered.

2) A few tablespoons of castile soap in a pail of water is good for mopping floors. I use it to mop up the kitchen tile floors with a basic sponge mop and the floors come out looking great.

3) Castile is also great for hand washing washing dishes. I use the smaller 16 OZ bottle to dispense the soap and a spray bottle with about 2 parts of water to 1 part soap.

my-doggie-300x225 4) Dogs with sensitive skin will love their baths with 2:1 ratio of water to soap. Castile soap washes off clean with less water usage, and dogs won’t smell of perfumes. 

5) I use a Hoover Steamvac to clean the carpets. I fill the water tank with 10:1 ratio of water to soap. I will sometimes add a little (10 drops or so) tea tree oil or lemon oil to add a fresh scent. If I need to clean up a little doggie mess on the carpets, I try to get clean it before the stain sets with a spot brush and a 1:1 mixture of castile soap and water.

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